‘Dancing Through Fire’: book club questions and thought provokers.


As a writer, you like to think there are things about your book which will get people talking. When I wrote ‘Dancing Through Fire’ the one thing I really wanted people to talk about was the relationship between Ellie and Guy: was it appropriate / inappropriate, realistic / unrealistic, heart-warming / heart-stopping…….. For me, everything about the book centres on that one question. If you do discuss it at your book club, please let me know your thoughts! In the meantime though, here’s a list of additional book club questions to help get the book chat going.

1. How important is the setting in ‘Dancing Through Fire’?

2. Guilt is a theme which threads its way through the novel. Choose one of the characters and discuss the source and impact of their guilt.

3. The friendship between Ellie and Guy leads to unexpected feelings on both sides. Discuss the circumstances of the friendship and why you think it develops as it does.

4. Why do you think Sheila and Jack react the way they do when Ellie finds herself in trouble?

5. Consider what Guy does for Ellie. How appropriate are his actions?

6. In what way does Guy find redemption through his relationship with Ellie?

7. There are several characters to dislike in ‘Dancing Through Fire.’ Who gets under your skin the most and why?

8. ‘Dancing Through Fire’ is told from two points of view, Ellie’s and Guy’s. Did you find this an effective way to develop the story and the characters?

9. In part one you hear things from Ellie’s eighteen-year-old perspective. In part two you hear her thirty-year-old voice. As a reader, did this help you to engage with her as a character?

10. What do Maria and Sam bring to the story?

11. Discuss the reasons why Ellie’s Dad visits her in Mallorca while Guy was ill.

12. Consider the ending of ‘Dancing Through Fire’ – were there any questions raised or left unanswered for you as a reader?

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