The story behind the story…


I recently recorded an interview with Glen Moyer, a Scot by heart and heritage, who lives in Texas. Glen hosts his own podcast show ‘Under the Tartan Sky,‘ in which he explores Scotland’s diversity and the wealth of creativity and entrepreneurship on these shores. I was lucky enough to meet Glen through a mutual friend on Twitter (one of the good things about social media) and was thrilled when he gave my book a read and enjoyed it. This led to some interesting discussions around genre labels and what it was about my book, and my writing style, which might appeal to women and men. The result was a fascinating, lengthy and extremely enjoyable interview during which Glen managed to get most of my writing secrets out of me; it’s what happens when you’re in the hands of an experienced broadcaster and interviewer 🙂

If you missed it, and you want to know who inspired the character of Guy and why I chose to write from both a male and a female perspective (amongst other things), then you can listen to the full interview here:

A massive thanks once again to Glen for reaching out across the water to support and promote a new, self-published  indie-author in Scotland. Take a look at his web-site for some fascinating articles and podcasts about all things Scottish!




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